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Seneca Village Hall ~ 340 N. Cash St., Seneca, IL 61360 ~  Open Mon-Fri  from 8:00am to 4:00pm  
Phone: (815) 357-8771 ~ Fax: (815) 357-8772  ~ Email:

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Contacting the Village Hall

The Seneca Village Hall is open Monday - Friday from 8A.M. to 4P.M.
Our phone number is (815) 357-8771.
Our Village Hall address is 340 North Cash Street, P.O. Box 27, Seneca, IL 61360

The following can be reached at the Village Hall:
Mayor, David Spicer
Accounts & Finance Commissioner, Randy Timmons
Water, Sewer & Public Property Comm., Gary Hamilton
Public Health & Safety Commissioner, Jerry Sears
Streets Commissioner, John Lamb
Village Treasurer, Nancy Spampanato
Village Clerk, Therese Russell
Emergency Management Services

Contacting Our Zoning Office

Our Zoning Office can be reached by calling (815) 357-8771 or at the Village Hall during office hours of Tuesdays from 3-4P.M. and Saturdays from 9-10A.M.

Any questions regarding permits, zoning or other related zoning inquiries please direct to Vince Pacetti, Village zoning officer.

Contacting Maintenance or Streets Departments

Any questions regarding the Village water treatment plant, wastewater treatment plant, maintenance or streets departments can be reached through the Village Staff at (815) 357-8771 during normal business hours. For after hour emergencies please contact the Seneca Police Department at (815) 357-8726.
VILLAGE HALL (815) 357-8771
FIRE DEPARTMENT (815) 357-1600
POLICE DEPARTMENT (815) 357-8726
AMBULANCE (815) 357-8504
RAY CLARK POOL (815) 357-8016
SENECA HIGH SCHOOL (815) 357-5000
SENECA GRADE SCHOOL (815) 357-8744
MANLIUS TWP (815) 357-8813
SENECA POST OFFICE (815) 357-8393

Freedom of Information Act
Any individual requesting Village records can do so through the Freedom of Information Act by completing a form (available at Village Hall) Each request is forwarded to the Mayor for approval and your request will be compiled or denied within fourteen working days after receipt. The charge is .50 cents per page.
Contact us at:
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