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Thanks from the Village of Seneca

Thank you to Michael Ellis for your countless hours of dedication to the Village of Seneca; from the Seneca Business Association to the Downtown Development Organization you are always on top of your game and it does not go unnoticed!!

Thank you to Dan Burkhead, Seneca resident who has graciously organized the Men's Basketball Event yearly for the Seneca Park Board.

Thank you to the Ellis family for hosting a yearly halloween party for children.  Your kindness is appreciated!!

Thank you to Cody Ringer who crafted a new sign for the LST Memorial Boat Launch as an Eagle Scout project.  The sign photo can be viewed on the Village facebook account at THANK YOU Cody!! 

Thank you to all involved with the 2010 Memorial Day Ceremony held at the Seneca Memorial Wall monument.  The Seneca Village Council would like to acknowledge the Seneca Grade School Band, The Kasal Post American Legion, Cub Scout Pack 100 as well as all who had attended this special community event!!!

On Tuesday, June 1st, the Village of Seneca successfully replaced seven main valves in six hours.  This will allow for hydrant replacement work to be done in the future.  THANK YOU to all village employees and Commissioner John Lamb who were all involved with this project, your dedication is appreciated!!

The Seneca Historical Guild would like to thank everyone who has participated in the group's monthly meetings, as well as the various residents who have offered photos, information and stories that are of interest to our group!

The Seneca Village Council would like to thank the Seneca Business Association for their help in supporting the Seneca Food Pantry with two fundraisers.  Frank Hall, owner of Krystels coordinated a change drive at the local businesses collecting over $900, as well as Michael Ellis coordinating a snowflake campaign which is currently on-going.  Please continue to support our local food pantry..

Thank you to everyone who donated to the Shop with a Cop program in 2009, this was a well-received event that touched twelve children's lives in the Seneca area.

Thank you to Frank and Doreen Hall for the donation of the beautiful red poinsettia plant for VIllage Hall.

Thank you to Jennifer Bilyeu for submitting an application for the Village of Seneca to receive first place in the 2009 Governor's Hometown Award, your time served to help the animals with the Just Animals Shelter has not gone unnoticed!

Thank you to the Seneca Park Board for hosting the 2009 Fall Festival, what a wonderful way to bring our community together for multiple events! Special Thank you to Lenore Erickson of the Park Board for organizing this event...

Thank you to Joyce Barla for 15 years of volunteering as the Summerfestival treasurer.

Thank you from the Village Council to the Seneca Port Authority and Commissioner John Lamb for the coordination of the security cameras at Crotty Park.

A special thank you to Seneca's Police Chief Ray Meglan, Lt. Harry Kosters and the Seneca Police Department, Seneca Ambulance and Seneca Fire District for the coordination of the first annual National Night Out on August 4, 2009.

A big thank you to all who were involved with the Seneca Shipyard Days Festival as well as the Seneca Cruise night 2009.  As always, this festival is enjoyed by many and you are appreciated!  Thank you for your time and dedication.

Thank you to Commissioner Randy Timmons for coordinating the Sea Cadets to accomplish all the projects within the Village of Seneca during July, 2009.  The Sea Cadet program provided volunteered service for several projects within the Village of Seneca.

Thank you to Commissioner Victor for arranging the Seneca Community Clean up days held June, 2009.  Many people made this event happen for the residents of the Village of Seneca including, the Seneca FFA, Jeff Olson, Jim Olson, Matt, Andy Applebee, Frank Ryan, Paul Rivett and Scott Holman.

THANK YOU to Erickson's Signs and Designs for the offer for resurfacing and lettering of the flag drop box located at the Seneca Village Hall.  The flag drop box was given a patriotic theme after completion, please drive behind the Seneca Village Hall to view/utilize.

Thank you to George Lamb for the donation of the display cabinet at Village Hall in memory of his parents, Gene & Rosemary Lamb.

The thank you page is intended to show our appreciation to the many who make this community special. Please call Village Hall if you feel that a name or organization was missed. Thank you for your support. (815) 357-8771.

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